7 Simple Hardware Tricks to Instantly Improve Your Performance in FPS Games

7 Simple Hardware Tricks to Instantly Improve Your Performance in FPS Games

Amber Stefanson | Jan 16, 2023

Are you looking to take your e-sports gaming rig to the next level? For a leg up in competitive gaming, it’s important to optimize your frames-per-second (fps) and latency — both of which strongly impact your response time.

Whether you game on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, a few setting changes can help you maximize your performance. You'll find these settings in several places, incuding the settings menus of your video game, gaming device, and display.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the changes you can make to your gaming setup to improve your performance in competitive first-person shooter (FPS) games.

1. Use a wired controller

Are you using a wireless controller, keyboard, or mouse? If so, the most impactful thing you can do to improve the responsiveness of your gameplay is switch to a wired gaming controller (or wired keyboard and mouse).

A direct connection will enable the controller signal to travel much faster compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Making the switch can significantly reduce input lag.

If your controller can only pair wirelessly, there’s no need to run out and buy a new controller right away — first try turning off surrounding Bluetooth devices. Sometimes other wireless signals can interfere with your connection strength, so by disabling nearby Bluetooth devices, you may be able to reduce input lag.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to consider purchasing a wired controller. The NexiGo NS32 Controllers can be used wired or wireless, so they’re a great option if you like the ease of wireless gameplay during more relaxed gaming sessions.

2. Match your refresh rate settings to your monitor

Did you know that your computer doesn’t automatically adjust your display settings when you upgrade to a fancy new display with a 144 Hz or 300 Hz refresh rate? Yet a higher refresh rate promises a higher fps with lower latency… if you match your settings to your monitor.

To get the most out of your gaming display, make sure to match its frame rate and refresh rate in all three locations: your video game settings menu, system settings, and display settings. If it’s not possible to match the refresh rate of your display, choose the closest possible option.

Anything higher than default will make a noticeable difference on your framerate. When you have a higher refresh rate monitor, using 144 fps can reduce your latency by 4 ms compared to when you use 60 fps. Likewise, using a 144 Hz refresh rate can reduce latency by 7 ms.

3. Lower resolution & increase frame rate

While you’re increasing the frame rate of your FPS game, consider lowering the resolution as well. 4K resolution can take a serious toll on your system, so if you want your game to run as smoothly as possible, prioritize high fps over high resolution.

4. Disable graphic-enhancing features

Certain graphics settings designed to enhance your visual experience may be hindering how well your game handles. To optimize frame rate and latency, disable all of the following settings, which may be found in the settings menu of your video game, gaming device, or display.

  • Motion Smoothing / MEMC
  • Noise Reduction
  • VSync / G-Sync / FreeSync

All of these settings demand additional processing power from your gaming device. While all of these settings have their place in improving gameplay for cinematic RPGs, when it comes to FPS games, it’s best to leave these settings off and for improved performance.

5. Enable “gaming mode”

Most displays come with a gaming mode that will be dialed in to increase your fps and reduce lag. To make your game run extra smooth, enter the settings menu of your TV or monitor and enable gaming mode.

6. Use external speakers or headphones

This tip is for console gamers that want to make their games run a little smoother. Instead of using your TV’s built-in speakers, opt for an external audio setup, such as headphones or a soundbar.

Producing sound with inbuilt speakers is taxing on your TV, and may cause adverse effects, such as reduced frame rate and faster battery drain. Redirect your TV’s resources back to your game by using external speakers. For an extra boost, opt for low-latency headphones that will help you respond to auditory cues faster than ever.

7. Take advantage of Turbo Mode

Now that your gaming device and display are optimized, improve your response time even more with premium controller features, such as our very own Turbo Mode — available on the NexiGo NS32.

Turbo Mode is a feature that essentially automates button mashing. It’s especially helpful in FPS games. I recommend setting your controller up so that every time you press the attack button, your controller automatically spams the attack button 3 more times in quick succession

This enables you to get additional shots in while redirecting your focus to aiming, rather than mashing buttons.

While some may consider this feature cheating, if you ask me it’s only cheating if it gives you an unfair advantage. In solo or collaborative FPS games, Turbo Mode is fair game!

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Thanks for reading! I hope that you found this article helpful in making your game run smoother. We publish a lot of gaming content, so please keep an eye on our blog for more game-related articles, or check out our Twitch or TikTok to watch the NexiGo team in action.

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