The 10 Best Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By: Elena Parapounsky & Tobin Carlberg | November 28, 2022

Super Smash Bros. has been hailed as the go-to fighting game for many, bringing together generations of casual and competitive players since 1999. And its latest installment is no different — Smash Ultimate offers the most comprehensive roster in the series, including all the classic fighters from the console’s past, as well as plenty of new faces.

Because of its fun play style and multi-layered movesets, this series has sparked some of the biggest and most exciting tournaments in gaming history. It’s also led to an ongoing debate over which characters are the best fighters in Smash Ultimate. While everyone’s list will vary, we thought it would be a good time to introduce our top 10. We considered as many factors as we could, including special abilities, strength levels, and overall playability. So without further ado, here are the characters that we believe are the most powerful and deadly fighters on any Nintendo battlefield.

Zero Suit Samus

(Image Credit: Nintendo)

ZSS is no doubt our favorite fighter in the game — and don’t let her lightweight status fool you. She has the second-fastest initial dash and the third-highest jump in the game, making her zippy and capable of running circles around the competition. Her neutral special, “Paralyzer,” gives her the unique ability to stun opponents, setting you up perfectly to land a combo. And as if that weren’t enough, her final smash can launch opponents out of the arena even at 0% damage. She’s especially fun to use for people who have a hit-and-run style of play that relies on her speed and recovery.

Pyra and Mythra

(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Available for purchase as part of Fighter Pass 2, Pyra and Mythra are a dynamic duo with some flashy moves. This pair’s unique attribute is their ability to switch places, giving players the edge of having two fighters in one. Pyra is a heavy-hitter whose forward smash can do up to 35% damage in one blow, but she’s also a heavyweight, which makes her kind of sluggish. Meanwhile, Mythra is more nimble, with a better capacity for combos and recoveries, but her attacks aren’t as powerful. These two cover each other’s weaknesses effectively, making them formidable opponents.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Cloud’s fighting style is a bit different from many of the other fighters. He isn’t really a combo-based character, so he mostly relies on his neutral game. Cloud’s best asset is his Limit Gauge, which gradually fills as he fights (or by charging it with his down special, Limit Charge). Once it’s full, his stats increase, and he can unleash a more powerful version of his special moves (just once, though). And unlike other swordfighters in Smash Ultimate, he also has a projectile (Blade Beam), giving him greater stage coverage. His final smash, Omnislash, deals 50% damage, and in most cases, this results in an instant KO.

Captain Falcon

(Image Credit: Nintendo)

As a heavyweight who’s somehow also the second-fastest fighter overall (there’s no outrunning Sonic), Captain Falcon more than earned his place on this list. Unlike Cloud, he shines best when using combos, so he’s an excellent choice for players who like getting technical. And since he’s agile both on the ground and in the air, you have a lot of options for long combo sequences.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Available with Fighters Pass 1, Byleth gets some hate for being yet another Fire Emblem sword fighter, but they deserve credit where credit is due. They’re armed with three other weapons besides a sword: an axe, a bow, and a lance. All these weapons need to be charged for maximum effectiveness, but oh boy, is it worth it. Their bow is one of the farthest-reaching projectiles in the game; their axe breaks through shields while dealing 30% damage and stunning your opponent. Byleth is more of a distance fighter due to their slow speed but darned if they aren’t the best distance fighter out there.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

If you’re a fan of aerials, Jigglypuff is the fighter for you. This Pokemon isn’t particularly strong or fast on the ground, but by golly can it jump — up to five times in midair, which is then followed by a slow fall, giving it the impression of being “floaty,” which makes it a great off-stage fighter with an outstanding recovery. Jigglypuff is excellent at edge-guarding with aerial attacks, and its side special “Rest” knocks out opponents, giving you the opportunity to swoop in with a combo.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Palutena is an extremely versatile fighter who’s able to control a large portion of the battlefield thanks to her speed, aerials, and projectiles. Her neutral special projectile, “Autoreticle,” targets opponents anywhere on stage. She’s also particularly good at defensive play, thanks to her down special “Reflect Barrier,” which reflects your opponent’s projectiles right back at them. Like Byleth, she’s a good choice if you prefer fighting from a distance.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Snake is the king of edge-guarding. If you master his deadly arsenal of weapons, your opponents will have a hard time getting back on the stage. He probably has the most unique projectiles, including a grenade, which is a great long-range tool for hitting your opponents from afar, and his C4 lets you place it down and detonate it whenever you want. Not to mention, his remote-controlled missiles are hard to dodge, especially when they’re followed up with shooting his mortar cannon near the edge. To top it off, even his close combat is dangerous. If you combine a grab with his signature kick, you’ll rack up damage very quickly.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Out of all the different variants in the game, adult Link has to be our favorite due to his explosive move set and impressive combo potential. Similar to Snake, Link has a ton of great projectiles for spacing himself against heavyweight characters. However, Link’s most important asset is his evasive swordplay. By combining his neutral air with certain jabs and smash attacks, Link provides many opportunities for effective knockouts. While he may not be the quickest sword-wielder in the game, learning to time your opponent’s attacks and keeping your distance with his ranged playstyle will make you a force to be reckoned with.


(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Much like his character in the Star Fox games, Wolf rules the skies in Smash Ultimate. His air attacks are fierce, and once you understand the power of his close-range combos, Wolf becomes one of the strongest fighters in the game. Even if your opponents decide to keep their distance, his blaster has an impressive range with some extra knockback, which forces your enemies to play up close. His blaster also acts as a bayonet, turning into a double hit if you manage to shoot and stab your opponent at the same time. Overall, his combination of strong jabs, punishing smash attacks, and explosive air kicks make Wolf a menacing opponent at close range.

Choose your character!

Of course, this is just our opinion, as every character is amazing in their own special way. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you use them, so choose a fighter that works best with your unique playstyle.

And whether you just play casually with friends or you’re looking to join some tournaments in the near future, you’re going to need a good controller. NexiGo has a ton of unique styles and accessories, so be sure to check them out!

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