How to Pick a Good Webcam that Fits Your Needs

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of video conferencing and general video chat has skyrocketed. The elevated levels of video witnessed since the pandemic will persist as individuals see the benefits of remote working and general video communication.

Even though many laptops come with built-in webcams, there are numerous reasons to purchase an external webcam. Whatever you need it for, whether for business meetings, training webinars, video podcasts, or simply talking with your family, getting the correct high-quality webcam is important.

What to Look for in a Webcam

An external USB webcam provides extra versatility and other benefits that make you appear and sound better on screen. To pick the ideal one for your needs, consider the following crucial criteria and features.


A high-resolution webcam is essential: The image on the screen appears grainier the lower the resolution. Unfortunately, only high-definition video capture gets supported by the majority of current webcams. But, the recommended video capture resolution is 720p or higher. A full HD 1080p webcam is preferable, and these are becoming more widespread and affordable.

In the webcam 720p vs. 1080p feud, why settle for a 720p when you can go for NexiGo N60 1080P Webcam. Starting at $39.99, you will get to enjoy a full HD 1080p webcam.

Frame Rate

A high frame rate is also crucial in addition to high resolution. Images from webcams with low frame rates stutter and occasionally freeze on the screen. The frame rate gets measured in frames per second; hence, look for fps on the package. You must stream video at a minimum of 15 fps.

For this reason, the NexiGo N660P Webcam is a good option. Enjoy a stutter- and freeze-free screen with this webcam 1080p 60fps starting at $64.99.

Built-In Ring Light

If you find yourself regularly struggling to find a location with consistent lighting, you will find that a built-in ring-light brings a lot of value. Some webcams include a ring-light built right into the webcam itself. The section of the webcam surrounding the lens lights up to provide consistent and high-quality lighting regardless of your location. Whether it’s inconsistent natural light or simply a dark room, a built-in ring-light will ensure a high-quality video feed with proper lighting.

So, if you struggle to find the right lighting when using your webcam, consider the NexiGo N960E with an adjustable built-in ring-light.


The webcam's lens is crucial since it determines several aspects of picture quality. The aperture is a significant feature to consider, even though it is impossible to establish the real lens quality from the specifications. The aperture controls how much light gets caught, which is crucial when the room's lighting is poor. The wider the aperture, the better the image will probably be.

Furthermore, the webcam's lens has an impact on its performance. Several entry-level webcams have plastic lenses. However, a glass lens is preferable since it enhances performance without considerably increasing the cost. The NexiGo N930 Webcam, which costs $35.99 and has a 5-layer lens, is a good option.


Stereo microphones are common on webcams. The way the camera has a grill on either side of the camera can often, but not always, reveal this. These produce better sound than webcams with only a mono microphone; however, the sound quality of certain webcams with stereo mics can be poor. If feasible, examine the microphone's frequency response: it should extend below 100Hz for a great natural sound.

Using a decent-quality external microphone, on the other hand, can often produce the best sound. It may be more expensive, but a decent microphone can considerably improve the sound quality. It is usually relatively simple to choose a different microphone than the one built into the webcam. This change is in either the App's settings or the computer's settings.

If an external microphone is out of the question as it poses additional costs, you still need not worry. Consider the NexiGo N960E Webcam. Starting at only $79.00, you get to own a high-quality webcam that includes a microphone with noise-canceling technology.

Field of View

Another significant feature of the lens' performance is the webcam field of view. You can generally specify the focal length on still cameras, and the visual field can be calculated using the sensor size. The real field of view in terms of angle of view gets reported in degrees for webcams. Figures with an angle of 65° to 90° are frequent, while some have an angle of 120° – an extremely broad angle!

In actuality, it all depends on how much of the space you want to show in the view. Notably, wide-angle lenses tend to distort the appearance of a face, making noses and chins appear larger than they are. A wide-angle lens allows for less important positioning and more individuals in the photo if necessary.

A figure in the middle is usually a decent bet. In this range, a common field of view is 78°, but it is a balance between what you want and what is accessible.

The NexiGo N950P 4K Webcam is a good option for this factor. This high-resolution webcam offers a 98° field of view that you can adjust. Although $149.99 is a tad pricey, the quality speaks for itself.

Aside from these top considerations, you may also want to look into:

  • Auto-Focus: Another feature to look for is auto-focus. When filming, most people do not sit still. A webcam should refocus on where you are sitting concerning it, at least a little.
  • Motion Sense: A webcam with motion detection can get turned into a security system, and some models have this capability built-in. You might be able to download software for it if yours does not.
  • Special Effects: You may want to integrate special effects depending on the type of video chatting you perform. These features get included in many webcams. If the one you desire does not, you might be able to obtain special effects software from the manufacturer's website.


Webcams do not have to be expensive, but investing in a good one rather than the cheapest on the market will pay off. It is possible to have a webcam that will provide extremely beneficial service for a long time without costing a fortune by learning the webcam specifications and checking out which ones suit your requirements. In the end, the best webcam is one that serves your interests best.

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