Five Reasons Why You Need a Webcam

Having a webcam is not only a want in today’s world, but a need. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to use a webcam the past couple years. Anything from job interviews, meetings, to just having a chat with long-distance family members. I know almost everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to connect again but staying safe while doing it. Webcams play a huge role in everyday life now, mine and yours. While there’s an immense number of reasons, I’ll give you five reasons on exactly why you need a webcam.

1. 99.9 percent of meetings are online

Since the majority of companies have shifted to working from home, that means the only way to communicate face-to-face is by using a webcam. It’s the quickest way to get multiple people all together to communicate, present ideas, and learn more. Trying to do that through a phone call or emails would be tedious, and if you ask me, most people want to see the face of the person they’ll be working with long or short term. We’ve all heard the saying before, “Putting a face to the name” to make the connection to who you’re talking to. To be frank, it’s more personal. And people like getting a bit more personal because that’s what helps the bonding of a team.

2. No need to travel

Before meetings were online, most of the time you had to travel to meet onsite in person. Sometimes, the travel could require flying to the location, which then requires spending money on flights and accommodations. Now that our working world has changed, the only things you really need now are a laptop and webcam. You can meet with anyone, anywhere. I mean anywhere. When I was living full time in my converted van, I had multiple interviews right from my van parked in a parking lot or campsite. This also means that since you don’t need to spend money on so much travel, it can be used toward other significant things for your company or team.

3. Connect with your family & friends

Being apart from your family and friends can be hard, trust me, I know firsthand. This is one of the main reasons why I got a webcam, to connect with them and get updates on their lives. Plus, I get really bad FOMO because I live across the country. Spending time with my grandparents, even if it’s through a webcam, is the closest I can get to being in person with them. Let’s be real, most people don’t live right down the road from their families, and if you do, I hope you’re grateful. Nevertheless, having a webcam is really the next best thing.

4. Sometimes emails just don’t cut it

There are some things that just can’t be discussed over email, maybe because of the depth of the conversation or because of the content. Plus, writing emails back and forth takes a long time, especially if you have multiple people engaging in the conversation. Same goes for text messages and phone calls. If your family is anything like mine, they love to talk and they love to talk a lot. Having a webcam for your conversations with team members, clients, family, and friends helps with better communication. Seeing a face and body language can add a great deal to a conversation. Additionally, facial expressions and hand gestures can enhance the engagement of those listening to you.

5. Further your education 

Whether you’re going to college or taking extra classes to help you pursue your side hustle, having a webcam for these is important to help you evolve. When you’re going to school, attendance is a huge requirement and showing up to your online class is imperative. I mean, hey, you’re paying for the class, right? Might as well show up. Plus, you’re more likely to engage which can also help with retention, at least it did for me. Another reason you’d need a webcam is for webinars and coaching classes that are online, if you’re wanting to further your knowledge on bettering your side hustle. So, get your hustle on! Sorry, too cheesy?

With so much of our lives revolving around being online, there’s no reason not to have a webcam. Unless you live under a rock, which I’m sure that you don’t. Even if you don’t work from home or you live close to your family, you can still use a webcam for plenty of things like, streaming, vlogging, and school. What’s more, is NexiGo’s vast line of webcams that can suit any individual’s needs. From quality to affordability, there’s really something for everyone.

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