Brighten Your Life with Smart Lights

Smart lights have changed the market for home decor by making home lighting customization as easy as opening an app. In the last few years, smart lights have grown in popularity with their ability to conveniently create the right mood for every room.

These lights have great health benefits, too. They can help you get better rest, which is crucial for maintaining your energy and mood while working from home. Smart lights are also capable of producing various color temperatures of white light that are believed to improve concentration.

If you’re curious about all the ways smart lights can brighten your life, here are some suggestions.

The Perfect Night Light

The winter months can be dark and gloomy, which can easily affect your mood. When the weather gets you down, it’s great to have a comfortable space at home. A smart light like the NexiGo Smart Table Lamp can help you create that cozy retreat.

While you’re catching some Z’s, switch to the relaxing Night Mode for a warm, pleasant glow. Many people are more comfortable falling asleep with a light on, but for most of us, high quality sleep requires a dark room. To solve this issue, our smart lights include a timer to help the light fade over the course of an hour.

Wake up with Ease

Waking up is no fun. Even if you set your alarm to your favorite song, that ringtone will eventually become your worst enemy. If only you could return to that amazing dream you can’t seem to remember.

With the NexiGo Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock, you can wake up more refreshed than ever. Right before your alarm goes off, the light emulates a sunrise — gradually growing brighter until the room is beaming with a vibrant orange glow. That way, even if it’s dark outside, the light helps remind you that it’s time to get ready.

And for those who have trouble sleeping, the sunrise alarm clock includes a sunset simulation that slowly gets darker until it’s time for bed, helping your body regain its natural rhythm. Plus, you can combine the sunset effect with the soothing sounds of waves, gentle rain, or soft music. Not only will you have the ideal lighting to relax in bed, but the ambient sounds will also help clear your mind of the day’s stress.

Great for Work

If you need to work in the darkest hours of the night, a smart light can help you stay energized. The NexiGo Smart Table Lamp has a Work Mode that emits cool white light, which is designed to improve your concentration so you can focus on work or studying for as long as you need to.

As it also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can control the lamp with voice commands to change its color and brightness without moving a muscle. If you already have other smart devices connected to your home, this will serve as a fine addition to your collection.

Mood Lighting

Arctic blue, spring green, magenta — you name the color, and the smart lamp has it! With over 16 million colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

When you connect your smart lamp to the NexiGo Home App, you will have access to a full spectrum of colors with a single tap. Turn your room into a dance club with dazzling light effects, or set some romantic mood lighting for a fancy date night at home.

Unique Studio Lighting

For the streamers and YouTube stars out there, smart lights can help provide ambience to your studio space. Don’t be afraid to add different colors to set the perfect mood for your streaming experience.

If you’re a video game streamer, you can align your smart light with the colors of whatever game you’re playing. As an example, if you’re playing Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a natural glow of forest green or sunrise orange would heighten the game’s sense of adventure. It’s a small detail, but tricks like this can help you stand out, drawing in more viewers and increasing their engagement.

For giveaways and donations, you can turn on a colorful light show to start the celebration! It’s also a good excuse to have a random dance party with your fans.

Light Up Your Life

The best feature of any smart light is its versatility. It can enhance the lighting in your home office, wake you up gently, or set the right vibe for any social occasion.

We hope these ideas inspire you to introduce a smart light into your home so you can start experiencing all the little ways it can improve your everyday life.

Looking for more accessories? Check out our full collection of NexiGo Smart Lights

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