The most cinematic movies from 2022 to watch on a projector

By: Tobin Carlberg & Derek Wells | August 6, 2022

Summer is almost over, but it’s never too late for a movie night! And for those of us who appreciate the cinematic experience, the best way to watch a movie is on the biggest screen you have available. That means it’s time to pop some popcorn and hook up a projector like the NexiGo PJ10, PJ20, or even the portable PJ01.

Fortunately, streaming has shortened the wait between the theatrical run and home release of many films, so it’s already easy to watch a lot of 2022’s best movies from the comfort of your couch. With that in mind, here are six fantastic movies from this year that you can watch right now on a projector.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Marvel’s favorite sorcerers (Doctor Strange and Wong) are back for another magical journey, but this time through the multiverse. After the Scarlet Witch gains possession of an evil spell book called the Darkhold, she becomes obsessed with finding her two sons from a parallel universe, no matter the cost. This forces Doctor Strange to travel between several timelines to stop her from causing more havoc through the multiverse. Strange even encounters an evil, twisted variant of himself, which leads to a wacky fight sequence that fills the screen with spells and musical notes.

This film was directed by Sam Raimi — the genius behind Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman trilogy and the Evil Dead series — who brings the perfect blend of superhero cinematics and classic horror tropes that we have all come to expect from his movies. So gear up for a fantasy film chock full of zombies, creepy third eyes, mind-bending sorcery, and even a surprise cameo from a rather familiar fellow. Stream it on Disney+, or rent it digitally through several platforms like YouTube and the Google Play Store.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

In this fast-paced sequel, Eggman has returned to Earth just as Sonic has adapted to his new life with his adopted family. But this time the blue hedgehog faces an even greater threat: the powerful alien Knuckles the Echidna. Not to worry, though — Sonic’s trusty sidekick Tails has also joined the fight in hopes to find the Master Emerald before Eggman and Knuckles do.

Sonic 2 is a treat to watch, especially for its colorful art style and smooth animation. In particular, the final battle in the third act is epic, feeling like a multi-stage boss fight ripped straight from the classic 16-bit Sonic games from the '90s. Watch it now with a Paramount+ or Amazon Prime subscription, or rent it digitally.


Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Witness the official origin story of the famous space ranger, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! This film acts as a sort of prequel to Toy Story since it’s framed as the movie that inspired the beloved action figure and best friend of Sheriff Woody. The Toy Story connection is hardly necessary though — Lightyear stands on its own as a fantastically animated sci-fi adventure featuring a likable cast and hero.

Lightyear’s dazzling visuals include breathtaking landscape shots of space and plenty of exciting action scenes, including a battle against the evil Emperor Zurg, who is far more threatening here than in toy form. It looks fantastic on a projector, especially under the stars on a summer movie night. You can now stream Lightyear with a Disney+ subscription, or buy it digitally.

The Batman

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

There have been several Batmans over the past several decades, but Robert Pattinson’s younger, more vulnerable take on the iconic hero is uniquely compelling. He broods, obsesses, and occasionally makes mistakes in a way we’re not used to seeing from the character’s big-screen outings, which lends the film an edgy unpredictability that keeps eyes glued to the screen over its nearly three-hour run time.

Drawing loosely from comic stories like Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween, director, and co-writer Matt Reeves crafts a moody, rain-soaked vision of Gotham City with memorable turns from Zoe Kravitz as an impulsive upstart thief (and Batman's love interest) Catwoman, a quietly menacing John Turturro as mob boss Carmine Falcone, and a heavily made-up Colin Farrell as Falcone’s lieutenant, The Penguin. The use of shallow focus, long takes, oblique angles, and oppressive darkness makes this a superhero film that barely feels like one. It’s more akin to a moody detective story along the lines of Zodiac, with the deranged Riddler in the place of the titular killer, broken up by action set pieces that include one of the most intense cinematic car chases we’ve seen in years. Catch the Bat in all his glory on HBO Max.


Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios

This prequel to the Predator series takes it back to its gritty action-horror roots — and further. Taking place in 1719, it stars Amber Midthunder as a member of a Comanche tribe who have the misfortune of a deadly encounter with one of the Predator species — vicious alien hunters who seek out the galaxy’s most dangerous prey. With impressive characterization and attention to detail in the costuming and script (it even has the option to watch it entirely in Comanche!), you won’t want to miss this thrilling game of cat and mouse.

Above all, Prey proves itself to be far more than a cash-in prequel. Its return to the original film’s focus on using the natural environment against an overwhelmingly powerful enemy is both fitting and effective, underlined by the arrival of French colonialists whose unfamiliarity with their surroundings proves fatal. Prey has been called the best film in the Predator franchise since the original, and it’s an unusual case of such a film going direct to streaming — in this case, Hulu. The good news is, if you’re a projector owner you can pretend you’re a lucky attendee at one of its few big screen showings.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Photo courtesy of A24

One of the most unique and mind-bending movies of recent years, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a cinematic feast of martial arts action, bizarre science fiction, surreal comedy, and a surprisingly affecting story of a family learning to appreciate each other. Starring Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, and Jamie Lee Curtis, this indie film by the team of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively known as Daniels) follows Evelyn, a middle-aged Chinese-American woman who is already dealing with an excess of everyday life problems (a struggling business, strained relationships with her daughter and husband, and worst of all — the IRS) when she is suddenly pulled into an alternate dimension by an extra-dimensional version of her husband.

From that point on, it’s a wild ride through different possible versions of Evelyn’s life, ranging from believable (in which she stayed in China and trained in Kung Fu) to truly bizarre (in which she’s in a relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis’ tax collector and everyone inexplicably has floppy hot dog fingers). Fully embracing the possibilities of the cinematic medium in a way that few films do, EEAAO is a fully realized original vision that begs to be seen on the big screen. It’s even been such a sleeper hit that it was re-released in theaters with bonus scenes in the credits, but if you missed it you can boot up Amazon Prime or Apple TV on your projector and stream it at home.

Watch movies on the big screen from the comfort of your couch 

These are just a few of our favorites, but there are plenty of movies from this year that didn't make this list because, quite frankly, they’re still in theaters. To name a few, Jurassic World: Dominion, Top Gun: Maverick, Nope, Bullet Train, and Thor: Love and Thunder are all great options once they become available for streaming.

So whether you set up your own home theater or backyard drive-in, the convenient part is that you get to choose how to watch your favorite movies and shows. If you want that movie-like quality on a big screen, the NexiGo PJ20 features a 200-inch display! And for those who are always traveling, the PJ01 is the best portable projector for delivering that movie magic on the go. 

For all your projector needs, NexiGo has you covered, and don’t forget to tune in to our weekly blog for tips and tricks on how to improve your life with technology!

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