4 Reasons to Install a Dash Cam in Your Car

By: Derek Wells

A dash cam is a video camera that sits in your car and records what happens outside. Traditionally, they have been full-sized cameras that sit on the car’s dashboard. However, as technology advances and cameras get smaller (largely fueled by smartphone innovation), dash cams have become much more flexible — and more powerful.

It is now quite common for a “dash cam” to be attached to your car’s rear-view mirror, in which case it is connected to a rear camera to replace the mirror’s functionality. This is the case for all three of NexiGo’s dash cams: the D80, D81, and D90. But why would you want a dash cam for your car? There are a number of reasons, but most of them are connected to insurance claims and liability. Read on for our top reasons why you should invest in a dash cam for your car.

Install a dash cam if your car is very valuable

Dashcams have clearly grown in popularity, as many recent high-end models have them built-in. This includes BMW, which has Drive Recorder as an optional package, and Tesla, whose cars include full cameras as a default since 2021 — and are priced to match. But if you have an older luxury car, a model that doesn’t offer that package, or just prefer not to spring for the extra camera package, a dash cam is a great way to protect your investment. In the event of an accident, your dash cam will automatically save a recording that you can use as evidence for insurance claims.

As a general rule, the more valuable a car is, the greater the loss when it is damaged or destroyed. Without a dash cam, insurance claims can depend on whether they trust your word against others. If that’s not frustrating enough, insurance companies also have a financial incentive to be skeptical of claims that could result in a payout. A dash cam recording leaves much less room for doubt, especially if it’s a high-quality video like the ones captured by NexiGo dash cams. So if an accident occurs, dash cam footage can make it much easier to deal with any insurance claims or legal issues.

Install a dash cam if you routinely drive in dangerous conditions

Certain environments are more dangerous to drive in than others. For instance, the NexiGo office is in the Pacific Northwest, a region characterized by mountainous terrain and a lot of precipitation. Roads here are often winding and wet — or even snowy. You’re much more likely to get in an accident in these conditions, even if someone else is at fault.

Certain natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes could even be considered “force majeure” — aka “Acts of God” — that your insurance contract likely covers. However, proving that the cause of an incident is environmental rather than due to user error can be a challenge… unless you have evidence from a dash cam on your side.

Install a dash cam if you live where car theft or vandalism are common

Some cities (and parts of the world) are more prone to auto theft than others. If you live in one of the top cities for car theft, you may want to invest in a dash cam to protect your vehicle. Thieves may also break into your car to steal valuables without attempting to steal the car itself. A dash cam with wide-angle video may be able to capture thieves in the act, assuming they pass by the front or rear of the car. The resulting footage can be used to identify thieves, prove yourself innocent of insurance fraud, and even catch a driver who backs into your car while it’s parked. To enable this level of surveillance, all NexiGo dash cams include a Parking Monitor function that can continue to record 24/7.

However, it’s worth noting that most dash cams, including all NexiGo dash cams, are powered by the car’s cigarette lighter or USB port by default. An additional hardwire kit will allow you to circumvent this limitation by using the battery to power the dash cam through the car’s fuse box. In this case, the car’s front and rear cameras will stay on for as long as the battery can power them. The NexiGo Hardwire Kit even features low voltage protection so it won’t completely drain your battery.

Install a dash cam with a rear camera if you do a lot of reversing

Built-in parking cameras that connect to a car’s dashboard screen have become fairly popular, but they’re still far from the norm. Since the camera is placed in the car’s rear window or on the outside near its license plate, it avoids the most common problem of using your mirrors to back up: blind spots. If your car doesn’t have a built-in backup camera, your dash cam set can double as one.

The NexiGo D80, NexiGo D81, and NexiGo D90 all include 1080p cameras that can mount above your license plate or in your car’s rear window. Using the mirror-mounted touchscreen, you can switch to a rear view at any time to back up safely. And if you connect the rear camera’s wiring to your brake light, you can even use the reversing aid system to display guidelines that will help you back up safely. For those of us who live in cities where parking is limited and parallel parking is common, this is a huge asset!

Why buy a NexiGo Dash Cam?

We hope this blog has helped you decide if a dash cam is right for you. If it piques your curiosity, it’s definitely worth taking a look at NexiGo dash cams, which offer high-quality video with premium features at an affordable price. If you buy one and need any help with installation or usage, feel free to email us at cs@nexigo.com.

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