Hi there Internet!

I want to welcome all of you who are reading this to the inaugural NexiPC sales BLOG, and I want to introduce myself as I will be the voice on the “other side of the line” for the immediate future at least. I also want to tell you a little bit about the company, about what this blog will be about, and then I want to share a short story with you. Hopefully this will be entertaining, well as entertaining as an introduction can be (lol), but if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this segment please send us an email at cs@nexipc.com to let us know. We welcome all suggestions as we do want this to be something that you want to read.

First off, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Dan. I am the head writer for the NexiPC BLOG as well as a primary contributor on the NexiPC social media pages. I also work on customer service tasks around here, so if you have to write or call us for any reason there is a chance I might get to assist you with a problem or concern. As I mentioned, I work for NexiPC the company this BLOG is about. So the question you would probably be asking then is, “what is NexiPC”? Well i'm glad you asked, NexiPC is a computer company, but we are not like most of the other guys. We don't just sell computers or make computers like the manufacturers do, what we do is make computers better.

NexiPC is a computer customization company specializing in laptop customizations, though we do also customize desktops, gaming systems, and video game consoles. What we have found is that while the manufacturers tend to release systems with few customization options as a tactic to get people to buy more expensive systems than they want to, we can take those base model systems upgrade them to whatever specifications you want, and then sell them to you for less than what the manufacturers want. A win-win all around. And this way you can also get all of the features that you want as well.

I was working with a gentleman recently that was trying to find a model with a backlit keyboard and a DVD player that did not cost an arm and a leg. After buying two units from the manufacturer that either did not have the backlit keyboard even though the manufacturer said that they did, or did not work right, he came to us. We were able to get him setup with a system that had all of the features that the system from the manufacturer did, but also actually had the backlit keyboard, a better processor, a better SSD hard drive, and a better color for their purposes as well. And rather than try to upsell him to one of the $1000+ units that we do have, that do offer all of these features, we were able to get him into a system for hundreds less than the manufacturers units. Because this was the perfect system for him.

This is what customization can do for you, and this is why our founder started this company. Because while the manufacturers would like you to think that in order to get the system you want you need to spend hundreds more than you were planning, at NexiPC we make it easy to get the perfect computer for you. We don't just take a computer, throw some polish on it and send it out the door. What we do is take a standard computer, we make it better, and then we make it yours.

And this is basically what this BLOG will be about. We are using this BLOG to help share information that we think will help you find a system that will work best for you, and to give you more information and insight into exactly who NexiPC is. There is only so much information we can relate in one sitting though, and this allows us to share things with you any time we find another thing to talk about.

We do have another BLOG that is releasing this week and will be weekly from then on with more explanation of the whole BLOG thing, so please check that out on this same page. Next week the BLOG will be about laptop troubleshooting and how to deal with issues when they come up. And please let us know what you think and if there is anything we can do better with this BLOG to make it more interesting.

Till next time folks, have fun. I will talk to you then.