Hi there Internet!

I want to welcome all of you who are reading this to the inaugural NexiPC conversation BLOG, and I want to introduce myself as I will be the voice on the “other side of the line” for the immediate future at least. I also want to introduce the BLOG and the company so you know what this is all about.

First off, Hi, I’m Dan. I am a Capricorn banker that loves long walks on the beach and dancing until the sun goes down. =) Just kidding. I am actually a Libra. My name is Dan though, and I am the head writer for the NexiPC BLOG as well as a primary contributor on the NexiPC social media pages. I also work on customer service tasks around here, so if you have to write or call us for any reason there is a chance I might get to assist you with a problem or concern. If you have any questions for me about anything in this BLOG please leave us a message at cs@nexipc.com. I monitor these emails and we do want this BLOG to act as a conversation starter, so if I can help with anything just let me know.

Now, what exactly is NexiPC? Well the short answer is that NexiPC is a computer company that specializes in Laptop sales as well as both Desktop and Laptop Computer Customizations. The much longer answer starts like this: many years ago our founder noticed a problem in the consumer computer industry, it can be incredibly hard if not impossible to find a computer that has all of the things you want without the things you don’t. Manufacturers tend to release just a few different models each year. And while they will offer variants on most of them you are left with just a few systems each year to choose from that are designed with a “middle of the road” approach. This is because the manufacturers know that people need computers, and they also know that people will spend more than they had planned on in order to get one that fits their needs if they offer fewer choices.

To be fair laptops are hard to customize; even for the manufacturer. Laptops have to be assembled in ways that make them difficult to be unassembled, otherwise they would not survive very long. This is mostly because they are not stationary, laptops are designed to move with the user. Some users treat their laptops with the utmost care, ensuring that they have proper ventilation, that the charge stays within the recommended levels, and that shocks are minimized or avoided completely. Other users throw their backpack with their laptop in it halfway across a room to try to “three-point it” onto a chair. (You know which one you are.) Manufacturers have to make sure that their systems can survive both types of users as well as they can. As such many of the parts are installed in such a way as to make removal all but impossible. As every manufacturer approaches this a bit differently (sometimes differently even from model to model from the same manufacturer), this means that some systems cannot be customized at all, and some components cannot be changed in others.

With that said, this is where NexiPC comes in. We take those base model units, and using your customization information we change the specifications of the system to be exactly what you want. RAM and drives are the components that are able to be customized in most laptops. So if you find a system that has the features that you want, we can add in more RAM, or put in an SSD as your hard drive to make the system exactly what you need it to be.

With that said, this is not the sales BLOG, this is the fun BLOG. =). SO... let me explain what we are doing with the BLOG now with that wonderful segue (it’s not a Segway, it's a segue, lol =) ). We are planning to do two different types of BLOG’s initially and we will release one weekly, so each week there will be a new post. The first week is the one exception to this and also will be the only one released on Saturday, every other week it will be released on Friday. We are going to release one of each type of BLOG this week as an introduction, and from then on there will be at least one post each week, maybe more.

The first is the sales BLOG. As this is a business we do need to do the business thing, but I will do my best to make this interesting as well as informational though and if you have any suggestions on things I could do to make it more interesting, please let us know. The sales BLOG will be about a different interesting or important business fact involving NexiPC mostly and the computer business as a whole potentially. One time it might be an upcoming sale, and the next could be about the way that parts affect pricing. We will only do these as needed though, and they will be extras they won't take the place of the normal BLOG.

The other type of BLOG, this being the first example, is the conversational type BLOG. This BLOG is not intended to be a direct voicebox for the company the way the sales one is, what we want to do with this instead is to start a conversation with you, our customer base. So each “episode” of this BLOG will be about a different topic, mostly tech topics, and I will try to explain some of the things that we see people having issues with and hopefully help make some sense of all the tech jargon. Some of the things that I plan to cover in this BLOG are: how to choose a laptop and how to live with one when you get it, how computers and cars are more alike than you would think, AMD vs Intel processors and what this actually means to you, and how to get the most from your computer. We will also be answering readers questions, so if you have anything you think we should cover in the BLOG, send us an email at cs@nexipc.com, we would love to hear from you.

Well, I could talk forever if I let myself so I will let you all go here. I hope that I have raised some interest in the next BLOG’s we plan to put out, and again please feel free to reach out with any suggestions on how we might improve or just let us know that you liked or disliked something. To be frank, there is no point in us making this if no one is reading it, so we want to be sure that we are making something you want to read. As P.T Barnum (maybe) famously put it, “Always leave them wanting more” and we do hope that you want more. The next post on August 2nd 2019 will be about laptop troubleshooting, we will hopefully help make some sense of why things will go wrong with these systems and how to make them work again when they do.

Till next time folks, have fun. I will talk to you then.